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Comparing Drawing Styli On Tablets – Blue Husky Studios

Comparing Drawing Styli on Tablets

Surface Pro 2 Surface Pro 4 Surface Book iPad Pro
Stylus Surface Pen (1st Gen) Surface Pen (3rd Gen) Surface Pen (3rd Gen) Apple Pencil
High-FPS Video
Tip Resistance Smooth Smooth Smooth Sorta Smooth
Cursor Follows Tip Direction? No No No No
Has Eraser? Yes Yes Yes No
Eraser Resistance Smooth Sorta Grippy Sorta Grippy N/A
Fits In Pen Pocket? Yes Yes Yes Yes, uncomfortably
Requires Battery? No Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life N/A 4032 hours 4032 hours 12 hours
Rolls? No No No Yes
Sticks to Tablet? Yes Yes Yes No
Middle-Screen Accuracy 1 N/A 1 1
Screen-Edge Accuracy 5 N/A 1 1
Digitizer Technology Wacom N-Trig N-Trig Proprietary

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